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“Germany votes for Hitler! The fighter for freedom and prosperity!” 1932 Nazi poster.

Virtually from the beginning, the Tea Party has been marked by an inadequate understanding of the necessity of a consistent conservative ideology.  The latest manifestation of its corrupted philosophy is the Tea Party’s call, in late February, to counter protest the nationwide solidarity rallies held in support of the public sector workers in Wisconsin.  Charmed by slick Neocons, posing as ‘limited government’ conservatives, loyal followers dutifully showed up to wave Gadsden flags and yell across the street at fellow Americans defending their standard of living.  Long forgotten are the Tea Party’s founding principles of restoring the Constitution in the fight against Big Govt socialism.  Also forgotten is that, that includes a fight against National Socialism.

Bought off by crony capitalists, ‘balance-the-budget’ Republicans are headlong into the mission to bust unions.  Trimming expenditures is a diversion.  Politically disempowering workers is a necessary corollary of building a police state and a war society.  History repeats:

The working people of Germany, like the working people of other nations, had little to gain personally by war. While labor is usually brought around to the support of the nation at war, labor by and large is a pacific, though by no means a pacifist force in the world. The working people of Germany had not forgotten in 1933 how heavy the yoke of the war lord can be. It was the workingmen who had joined the sailors and soldiers in the revolt of 1918 to end the First World War. The Nazis had neither forgiven nor forgotten. The Nazi program required that this part of the German population not only be stripped of power to resist diversion of its scanty comforts to armament, but also be wheedled or whipped into new and unheard of sacrifices as part of the Nazi war preparation. Labor must be cowed, and that meant its organizations and means of cohesion and defense must be destroyed.  Nuremberg Trials: Opening Address for the United States.

Certainly, in the short run, war can mean an increase in jobs and wages.  Historically, however, the more conscious elements of labor have realized, and agitated, that it is the poor and the working class who will be used as cannon fodder in the very lucrative business of war.  Today, those politics are not class based.  Indeed, beyond economic class, they are shared by, not only liberals, but conservatives as well.  The awareness of the fiat money private banking system as the financial engine of illegal wars, and other entitlements, and its subsequent effect of debt slavery, have transcendent implications.

It can be argued that a public sector union does not fit into the traditional definition of an organization that defends workers against for-profit employers (capitalists).  Theoretically, the taxpayer and voter can hardly be compared to 19th century robber barons.  If so, it can also be argued further within a free market context:  If you don’t like the goods and services your municipality delivers, then move.  Take your dollars elsewhere.  The reality remains that all people have the right to negotiate with their employers.  The real problem is not that there are too many, and too big, public sector unions.  The real problem is that there is too much public sector.  Since 2007 government employs more people than the private sector and the ratio is expected to favor government, increasingly, for years to come.

It’s called, fascism.  As government grows it grows to tighten and consolidate control for the ruling oligarchy.  As big government merges with big business the line between public and private enterprise will become blurred.  To be sure, the assault on collective bargaining rights of public workers will set the precedent for the same attacks on workers in private industries benefiting from federal bailout rescues. 

Ron Paul (R) TX: The most consistent constitutionalist in Congress.

The Tea Party originated as a pro- Constitution, freedom movement.  9/11 truth seekers were also included.  It arose organically related to the Ron Paul antiwar liberty message.  We have now reached the point, however, where it is primed and ready to muster on any given day and shout down labor protests.  It has become a political action arm for the neocon financial elite.  The consummate betrayal and pièce de résistance of co-optation has found expression in Michele Bachmann’s recent vote to extend the Patriot Act.  For those of us that have been paying attention, this comes as no surprise.

Energized by the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign folks of like mind came together and formed various groups to promulgate a return to our country’s founding principles.  Here in Boulder, we already had a Campaign for Liberty (CFL) Meetup organized and in action by mid-2007 in anticipation.  Although Paul failed to get the GOP nomination, the reincarnated liberty meme spread and many rank-and-file conservatives found new life and meaning in the growing Tea Party movement.  The numbers swelling in proportion to Change angst, they were ripe for GOP opportunism.  Republican Party activists, and other phony patriots, rushed in to happily volunteer new avenues.

Seemingly, ideological corruption popped up everywhere, and in unexpected places, overnight. Imagine my consternation to visit our local CFL Meetup site and see that the new organizer had changed the name to The Boulder Campaign for Liberty and 9.12 Group.  Fox News creation, Glenn Beck, leads the 9.12 Project, allegedly a grassroots patriot outfit.  Beck is adept at taking genuine patriotic sentiment and spinning it into pro-war jingoism.  An obvious media agent of preserving left/right polarization, he denigrated and sabotaged Ron Paul during his 2008 bid and will assuredly do the same if Paul runs again in 2012.

Chafing from the idea that the national CFL still held loyal to Paul and his uncompromising principles, some GOP operatives broke away and formed their own ‘liberty’ groups.  The nonsense reasoning that it is better to win with Bush clones than to lose with strict constitutionalists lured many from the fold.  The inescapable result was the 2010 elections that saw more than a few local authentic libertarian candidates forced to share the GOP ticket with congressional candidates still peddling the Islamophobic War-on-Terror myth.

Watching the Tea Party go from a genuine people’s anti-tyranny mass movement to what it is today has been maddening.  There is a global rebellion against the warmonger banker cartel and they have chosen to side with the forces of reaction.  From Ohio to Cairo the buzzword, “austerity”, is revealed as a smokescreen for banker rape and repression.

As if on cue, Michael Moore, the rock star of Left gate keeping and ruling elite court jester, has recently volunteered his contribution to maintaining the proper balance of the left/right paradigm.  He stated:

We’re not broke. This country is not broke. The state of Wisconsin is not broke. There’s a ton of cash in this country. . . . What’s happened is that we’ve allowed a vast majority of that cash to be concentrated in the hands of just a few people. . . . They’re sitting on the money, they’re using it for their own – they’re putting it someplace else, they have no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We’ve allowed them to take that. That’s not theirs, that’s a national resource, that’s ours. . . . I think we need to go back to taxing these people at the proper rates. They need to – we need to see these jobs as something that we own, that we collectively own as Americans and you can’t just steal our jobs and take them someplace else.

Well, true, the banksters have milled out plenty of fiat money.  Econ 101, however, may not jive with communist philosophy.  No matter that Moore skillfully weaves in the sore point of outsourcing, equitable distribution of worthless paper will not lead to prosperity.  The financial cartel designed dollar collapse has only one end game.

Teary-eyed pleas to television viewers warn of the Muslim-atheist threat to our way of life.  Labor unions are depicted as greedy, Marxist led organizations out to destroy our economy and incite thuggery.  An atmosphere is generated eerily reminiscent of a past era when demagogues railed against so called Jewish-Communist conspiracies.

In the years directly after World War 1, Germany suffered high unemployment and runaway inflation.  Communists and socialists squared off against fascists.  Both sides preached totalitarian quick-fix ideologies and battled in the streets.  It was Yes We Can! versus Yes We Will! We know the rest of the story:  Ordo ab chao.  Lost from the mix was the third alternative: The simple idea of individual freedom.

Ardent Ron Paul supporters are wishful to recapture their rightful legacy and resume full leadership of the Tea Party.  It will prove to be an ideological cul-de-sac, however, to expect liberty politics to reside comfortably in any organization thoroughly co-opted by Neocons.  Its time for the third alternative to go on its own.  If history repeats, the prize will go to the revolutionary party with the most consistent and believable ideology.

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Zeitgeist, Zombies, and Controlled Rebellion

March 26, 2010 1 comment

Scenes from "Zombie"

I remember listening to Top 40 tunes on AM radio.  Something akin to an active imagination was allowed then.  Humming along, playing an ‘air guitar’, just naturally happened.  There has been a change.  In the modern age, passive drooling while watching MTV is the only requirement if you want to be hip.  Captured in the trancelike state induced by television our right brain takes over and we tend to be uncritically receptive of any and all indoctrination.  The full power of the music video, as propaganda art, has been realized.  Going on for almost two generations now, the ideological effect of this particular ‘art for the masses’ has been immeasurable.     

A more recent memory is the 1994 music video, Zombie, by The Cranberries…        

In a mythical realm a woman looks upon children as they play.  They play with gilded bows and arrows.  Soon, their perfect divine innocence is gone.  They scream in horror betrayed by an evil they will never comprehend.  She laments the tragic absurdity of their fate.  Atop a pyre, adorned with a cross, she stands as if ready to pay the ultimate price for their perpetual naïveté.., again and again.  As above, so below     

The gods demand blood sacrifice.  Preferably, the blood of beauty and innocence.  Youth are murdered only to be resurrected in the next generation to complete the eternal ritual.     

Below, in the physical world of our reality, working class children play at war.  Emulating their heroes, they fight and fall in make believe death while foreign occupying soldiers patrol their neighborhood.  They prepare for their preordained role in the never ending cycle of human rebellion and reaction.     

Cherry picking The Cranberries         

 Zombie is an interesting commentary on a time of heightened violence in Northern Ireland. The Troubles, a period starting roughly in the early 1960s, was an era of intensified fighting between Irish republicans, loyalists, and U.K. ‘peacekeeping’ troops.  Lasting for nearly thirty years it produced no reunification.  It did, however, manufacture more fallen heroes in the Irish struggle to reclaim the north six counties still under Brit control.  Martyrs for dear old Eire.  In many Catholic homes the pantheon of iconic portraits on fireplace mantels expanded.  The Virgin Mary acquired more fellow saints to keep her company.      

Cranberries lead singer, O'Riordan

A big fan of the Cranberries, I am reluctant to demystify Zombie.  Regardless, it portrays this struggle against British imperialism as fatalism.  It asks us to rise above our own human condition.   Employing Gnostic and pagan imagery, it suggests no realistic alternative to historically traditional forms of rebellion and social change.  You are admonished its only “in your head they are fighting, zombie.”  Class struggle, wars for self-determination and national independence are passé.  Those that are not left cynical are now aimlessly searching for an alternative.     

Only one example, Zombie well represents the mass media cynicism foisted onto an entire generation.  The teenagers of that decade are now voting adults.  After eight years of meaningless wars and growing perceptions of a deteriorating personal future, the ‘No We Can’t’ generation has been transformed.  There is no longer any reason to sulk with video game controllers in their laps. “Yes We Can!”  We now have a Big Brother that will awaken us from the living nightmare of forced individual responsibility.  A collective sigh of relief – everything we need will be provided under forced collectivization.     

However, for those good citizens a click, or two, higher in the food chain than your run-of-the-mill Obamadroid still manifesting symptoms  of rebellious independent thought, questions concerning basic reality remain.  For example, how can the Obama regime create utopia given its obvious cooperation with the power elite agenda of endless war and banker rape of taxpayers?  Exploiting this contradiction and offering a resolution, self-styled utopians boldly expose many facets of the current oligarchical power structure to propagandize for their own version of such.  One outfit, in particular, is The Zeitgeist Movement.  Exposing the 9/11 false flag event and the phony banker fiat money system, they go on to demonize major religions and traditional values.       

Zeitgeist Phony Rebellion     

From Zeitgeist Movement website:     

“Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists fundamentally as the communication and activist arm of an organization called The Venus Project. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on resource management and relevant education.”     

“This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part.”     

“Transcending all of the artificial boundaries that separate people.”     

“Evolving towards a cybernated society that can gradually outgrow the need for all political local, national, and supra-national governments as a means of social management.”     

New gods are emerging.  They seduce us with a kinder, gentler blood sacrifice.  The matrix of the controlled dichotomy of rebellion and reaction remains, but it is much cleaner and more genteel.  The self deification of brutal martyrdom is exchanged for the voluntary slow death of submission.  Indeed, the New Age has democratized ascension to sainthood.  Overtly less violent, we are invited to rise above political materialism and become docile citizens of The New World Order.  The messy business of bloodletting for the cause of freedom, sovereignty, and nationhood, is being replaced with willing slavery for the global common good.  The Virgin Mary, and the rest of her divine family, is moved aside for Gaia.     

Zeitgeist elitists invite you to become a resurrected and reclothed zombie suitable for compliant service in The New World Order.     

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“Zeitgeist”: World spirit, Spirit of the time.
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