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SOCIALISM: Welcome to the Reservation

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

We're from the government. We're here to help you. Wounded Knee, SD 1890

The last few generations of Americans have lived in relative safety and comfort.  An economy and culture of abundance have seduced us into a mindset of entitlement.  Hypnotized by electronic media we have surrendered critical thinking and are ripe to willingly relinquish personal responsibility.  We say, ‘let Big Brother make decisions for us’.  Freedom has lost value.  Without bloodshed and suffering to pay for it, liberty has become meaningless.  Our priorities have shifted to seeking political correctness and docility.

Successfully subdued, the American Indians became one of the first test groups the New World Order used to develop the control grid model.  Today, whether on the reservation or not, many Native Americans are still tethered to the welfare dependency matrix.  Highlighted by the 1973 stand at Wounded Knee, however, the Indian nations have rediscovered their backbone and the desire and drive for independence.

Including a fitting dressing down to those that still buy into the lie of 9/11 and the phony Left-Right paradigm, a recent commentary by Russell Means well describes the present state of our nation.  He also accurately captures the essence of socialism:  “Left-wing socialism, or right-wing socialism; it’s still socialism!”

A society based on collectivism and totalitarianism only makes it easier for an elite to enrich themselves and enslave others.  “Democratic” socialism is a convenient myth.  Fascism is not a type of socialism.  In reality, all forms of socialism invariably end as a type of fascism.  Watch, listen, and take heed.

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Wounded Knee 1973 Occupation:
Wounded Knee – The Darkest Hour:

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