My Name is Juliana

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Benito Mussolini 1883-1945

“My name is Juliana Gostini.  I am 86 years old and I live in Boulder, Colorado.  I was born in Rome, Italy, in the year of 1924.    

“I remember the war.  I remember seeing Allied bombers flying in formation overhead.           

“It was the time of Benito Mussolini.  He was the dictator of our country and life was not so pleasant for us.  We had to have a card saying that we were a Fascist.  We had to have the card to get a job.  The problem was that my father was against it.  So, my father didn’t get a job and that made it very hard for our family.  I was very upset.    

“What I remember most is when I was 16 and our all girls school was told to attend a speech given by Mussolini at Piazza Venezia.  I did not have a school uniform, so I had to borrow one from a friend.  When I saw him on the balcony it made me worry.  I wondered how such a short man could be so powerful and make us live in fear.”    

So begins my daughter’s “historical monologue”.  A recent class project for her middle school, she chose a longtime friend and neighbor of ours as the “historical figure” she would portray.  “Julie”, as we had come to know her, was delighted to help.           

During the same week, I received an email from my daughter’s school principal:             

On Tuesday, September 14, President Obama will be addressing the students of our nation. We’ve been directed by the Boulder Valley School District Education Center to offer all students the opportunity to view this speech* live…          

A download-and-print waiver was attached allowing parents, that object to this type of activity, to have their child excused from attending the viewing.  “A quiet place”, it said, will be provided for students as an alternative.  Full name of student.  Full name of parent/guardian.  Must be filled out and turned in.  All nice and legal like.     

I forget who said it, but a favorite quote I remember is:  “The study of history shows that people don’t study history.”  My wife and I did not sign the waiver.  It was another opportunity to teach history to our child.    


The Cult of Personality.  Piazza Venezia, 1940: Thousands gather to adore “Il Duce”: Video:

This gigantic struggle is nothing other than a phase in the logical development of our revolution; it is the struggle of peoples that are poor but rich in workers against the exploiters who hold on ferociously to the monopoly off all the riches and all the gold of the earth; it is the struggle of the fertile and young people against the sterile people moving to the sunset; it is the struggle between two centuries and two ideas.

Socialism and war: Mussolini speech June 10, 1940, Declaration of War on France and England:      

*Cultivating false Hope – maintaining the illusion: Obama Speech to Students Video, Transcript Sept. 14, 2010: Presidential Back to School Address:


The Tea Party in a Time of War

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A real threat to the Anglo-American banking empire, the Tea Party’s tax revolt message could destabilize the financial engine that empowers the imperialist war machine and the socioeconomic totalitarianism that accompanies it.

Unfortunately, while Neocons are moving to co-opt and sabotage the Tea Party from within, the establishment statist Left are engaging in a frontal assault.  Both of these lackeys of the elite are desperate to defuse the populist challenge to the present paradigm.  Virtually working in a coordinated effort, Neocons are injecting militarist jingoism into this movement, comprised of fed up and frustrated everyday Americans happily unschooled in political correctness, giving the disingenuous Left fertile ground to attack the Tea Party as racist and fascist.[1]

If your only source of information is mainstream corporate news, the ideological roots of the Tea Party are completely obscured.  We passively watch TV and infer throngs of conservative white folks primarily complaining about “that Black guy in the White house”.  Started during the Bush years by Ron Paul pro-Constitution activists the original attempt to recapture the ideals of the founders of our republic is long lost from the picture.[2]

Helping to perpetuate the charade professional Republicrat henchmen, serving the banker-military complex, will do their best to cloak this timely populism and ideological mass appeal.  They will continue to depend on their respective Democrat and Republican congregations to swallow the lie that there is a substantial difference between each party.  Faithfully, they will plant campaign yard signs for Henchman A or Henchman B on their front lawns.  Tea Partiers, themselves, will allow neocon and status quo media celebrities, such as Palin and Beck, to speak for them.[3] 

Author, David Icke, succinctly warns, “anyone who seeks to prevent the free expression of thought by anyone else is an agent of control and they should know that before their self-delusion leads to the very fascist Orwellian state they claim to oppose.”[4]  Pseudo revolutionaries, on the left, will continue to harangue “tea baggers” in condescending and meaningless tirades.  Robot radicals will be willing stooges in parroting misrepresented views of any alternative outside of the corporatist mandated Left/Right paradigm. They will enthusiastically work for their own eventual destruction. 

Leftwing Racism

African-American Tea Partiers will continue to befuddle leftist ideologues. Anomalous to the standard Left/Right paradigm are Black conservatives.  The Leninist concept of Black Nationalism, as a tool to topple the white racist ruling class, is blunted upon the rock of individualism.   Freedom and the spirit of enterprise are attractions that cut across racial lines.

Nevertheless, Marxists will exhort the oppressed Blacks.  A current socialist propagandist writes, “.., the national liberation struggle of Black people in the U.S. must include the heightening of national consciousness, identity and self-respect. But these are not the same as nationalism, an ideology a world outlook, promoted by the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie that advocates the primacy; exclusiveness and privilege of “their” nation.”.[5]

Prominent Tea Party figure, Rev. C.L. Bryant, a former president of NAACP’s Garland, Texas chapter, is one who doesn’t fall prey to the separatist hype.  He says the idea that the Tea Party is racist or is trying to instigate a racist climate is “simply a lie.” Bryant claims the NAACP wants to “create a climate where they can say that those on the right are in fact racist and those on the left are their saviors”…[6]

What is the Tea Party?

One activist writer accurately captures its populist nature and potential:  “Do any of us even know how to define a Liberal or a Conservative these days? After all, in 8 years of a “Conservative” president we saw preemptive interventionist wars and nation building on the backs of the taxpayer, runaway borrowing and spending, and massive growth in government.  Meanwhile, the “Liberal” savior Obama continues to expand the wars, torture captives without trials or evidence, and target all forms of free speech.  Where it matters most, both political parties cater to Wall Street over Main Street, while working to restrict our Constitutional rights.  Fierce populist revolutions have been fought over far less oppression than we see today (see 1776), and yet the generally angry public can’t seem to focus long enough to form a strong common consensus…  Indeed, the Ron Paul crowd and the Liberal crowd have much in common when it comes to very important issues such as Peace, Auditing the Fed, Individual Liberty, Economic Freedom and Justice, and the Human Rights defined in the U.S. Constitution.” .[7]

Pollster, Scott Rasmussen, describes the mindset:  “Americans don’t want to be governed from the left or the right,” Scott Rasmussen tells the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conference of 1,500 conservative and moderate legislators. “They want, like the Founding Fathers, to largely govern themselves with Washington in a supporting — but not dominant — role. The tea party movement is today’s updated expression of that sentiment… The major division in this country is no longer between parties but between political elites and the people,” Mr. Rasmussen says.”[8]

Rasmussen also observed that, although the GOP stands to benefit in the 2010 elections, 75 percent of Republicans believe that the party leadership is out of touch with them.

War, what is it good for?

Researcher-author, William Bramley conducted a seven year investigation into the causes of war.  He fully expected to find profit as the primary motivation, however, he concluded that war can also be used to encourage populations to think in ways they would not otherwise do, and to accept the formation of institutions they would normally reject.  The longer a nation involves itself in wars, he noted, the more entrenched those institutions and ways of thinking will become.[9]

The Tea Party, regardless of its current problems, conceptually embodies something new and revolutionary beyond entrenched ways of thinking.  It is anomalous to generations of accumulated unquestioning reverence for, and dependence on, an all powerful centralized federal government.  As its name implies, it hearkens back to an era and mental outlook unfettered by ‘endless war’, states of emergency, and presidential directives.

Riding the Tea Party wave and pandering to the rhetoric of “limited government”, the establishment GOP will, no doubt, recoup some electoral losses incurred in 2008.  No fundamental change will occur.  Only a people’s movement able to connect the dots between the financial elite’s wars of occupation abroad and the loss of freedom at home will be able to make revolutionary change.  

Only a people’s movement, ready to fully embrace the spirit of 1776, will be able to restore our republic.  A priority for peace and freedom advocates is to expose the false dichotomy offered by the Republicrat duopoly dictatorship and its singular agenda of serving the transnational financial elite.  Concurrently, the masses must be reminded of their inherent capacity for local self-reliance and self-determination.

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Now, More than Ever

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The fruit of the globalists’ phony War on Terror is coming to bear.  The CIA manufactured Al Qaeda threat has not only given a pretext for ever expanding unconstitutional  wars of conquest and occupation, but now it should be clear that it is also employed as a rationale for a domestic police state control grid. 

As the transnational banker elite moves to consolidate its robbery of Middle East infrastructure and resources, their efforts are mirrored here in the U.S.  Unprecedented expansion of Federal Reserve powers, the latest health care legislation, and the continued push for carbon tax schemes, reflect a quantum leap forward in the elite’s unbridled drive to codify further impoverishment and enslavement of taxpayers.  Using the Republicrat rubberstamp Congress, that no longer even pretends to be accountable to the people, the private banking cartel is solidifying its ‘occupation’ of the U.S.

In essence the Patriot Act has never been about national security.  Already written and waiting on Bush’s desk the day before 9/11/01, by design, it was part of a larger agenda.   Our ‘burning of the Reichstag’, 9/11, was the fear factor enabling a formula for incremental destruction of the liberties notated in our Bill of Rights.  Privacy, freedom of speech, due process, and so forth, are the elements providing a way for peaceful, and effective, resistance to government tyranny.

It is no coincidence that the War on Terror has engendered ‘watch lists’ of disgruntled veterans, Ron Paul supporters, 911 Truthers, and various other pro-Constitution peace activists.  It is no coincidence Pentagon controlled mass media are cooperating with Neocons to subvert and co-opt the populist uprising of Tea Party grassroots activism.  It is no coincidence that the banker backed Establishment Left is demonizing Tea Party supporters as ‘racists and rightwing extremists’.

Bob Chapman, of, notes that there are now nineteen countries in bankruptcy, including the U.S. and U.K.  When the bankers decide to pull the plug on stimulus injections, he adds, it will result in deflationary depression.  Further, defaulting on the debt and devaluing the currency will complete the massive wealth transfer from our pockets to the coffers of the banking cartel.  A major world war is in the works to be a diversion. 

Now, more than ever, the likelihood of a government engineered false flag event is high.  We may see a black-ops staged terrorist attack blamed on ‘rightwing extremists’ that will be used to invoke martial law.  We may see another attack similar to 9/11 that will be blamed on Iran.  Regardless, it is incumbent upon peace and freedom activists to prepare.  We may see a complete (engineered) collapse of the economy.  From the Gulf of Tonkin to 9/11, false flag events have been used to justify horrific wars and the loss of civil liberties.  It will be on us to expose government machinations and stop the stampede towards war and fascism.        

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Zeitgeist, Zombies, and Controlled Rebellion

March 26, 2010 1 comment

Scenes from "Zombie"

I remember listening to Top 40 tunes on AM radio.  Something akin to an active imagination was allowed then.  Humming along, playing an ‘air guitar’, just naturally happened.  There has been a change.  In the modern age, passive drooling while watching MTV is the only requirement if you want to be hip.  Captured in the trancelike state induced by television our right brain takes over and we tend to be uncritically receptive of any and all indoctrination.  The full power of the music video, as propaganda art, has been realized.  Going on for almost two generations now, the ideological effect of this particular ‘art for the masses’ has been immeasurable.     

A more recent memory is the 1994 music video, Zombie, by The Cranberries…        

In a mythical realm a woman looks upon children as they play.  They play with gilded bows and arrows.  Soon, their perfect divine innocence is gone.  They scream in horror betrayed by an evil they will never comprehend.  She laments the tragic absurdity of their fate.  Atop a pyre, adorned with a cross, she stands as if ready to pay the ultimate price for their perpetual naïveté.., again and again.  As above, so below     

The gods demand blood sacrifice.  Preferably, the blood of beauty and innocence.  Youth are murdered only to be resurrected in the next generation to complete the eternal ritual.     

Below, in the physical world of our reality, working class children play at war.  Emulating their heroes, they fight and fall in make believe death while foreign occupying soldiers patrol their neighborhood.  They prepare for their preordained role in the never ending cycle of human rebellion and reaction.     

Cherry picking The Cranberries         

 Zombie is an interesting commentary on a time of heightened violence in Northern Ireland. The Troubles, a period starting roughly in the early 1960s, was an era of intensified fighting between Irish republicans, loyalists, and U.K. ‘peacekeeping’ troops.  Lasting for nearly thirty years it produced no reunification.  It did, however, manufacture more fallen heroes in the Irish struggle to reclaim the north six counties still under Brit control.  Martyrs for dear old Eire.  In many Catholic homes the pantheon of iconic portraits on fireplace mantels expanded.  The Virgin Mary acquired more fellow saints to keep her company.      

Cranberries lead singer, O'Riordan

A big fan of the Cranberries, I am reluctant to demystify Zombie.  Regardless, it portrays this struggle against British imperialism as fatalism.  It asks us to rise above our own human condition.   Employing Gnostic and pagan imagery, it suggests no realistic alternative to historically traditional forms of rebellion and social change.  You are admonished its only “in your head they are fighting, zombie.”  Class struggle, wars for self-determination and national independence are passé.  Those that are not left cynical are now aimlessly searching for an alternative.     

Only one example, Zombie well represents the mass media cynicism foisted onto an entire generation.  The teenagers of that decade are now voting adults.  After eight years of meaningless wars and growing perceptions of a deteriorating personal future, the ‘No We Can’t’ generation has been transformed.  There is no longer any reason to sulk with video game controllers in their laps. “Yes We Can!”  We now have a Big Brother that will awaken us from the living nightmare of forced individual responsibility.  A collective sigh of relief – everything we need will be provided under forced collectivization.     

However, for those good citizens a click, or two, higher in the food chain than your run-of-the-mill Obamadroid still manifesting symptoms  of rebellious independent thought, questions concerning basic reality remain.  For example, how can the Obama regime create utopia given its obvious cooperation with the power elite agenda of endless war and banker rape of taxpayers?  Exploiting this contradiction and offering a resolution, self-styled utopians boldly expose many facets of the current oligarchical power structure to propagandize for their own version of such.  One outfit, in particular, is The Zeitgeist Movement.  Exposing the 9/11 false flag event and the phony banker fiat money system, they go on to demonize major religions and traditional values.       

Zeitgeist Phony Rebellion     

From Zeitgeist Movement website:     

“Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists fundamentally as the communication and activist arm of an organization called The Venus Project. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on resource management and relevant education.”     

“This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other “establishment” notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part.”     

“Transcending all of the artificial boundaries that separate people.”     

“Evolving towards a cybernated society that can gradually outgrow the need for all political local, national, and supra-national governments as a means of social management.”     

New gods are emerging.  They seduce us with a kinder, gentler blood sacrifice.  The matrix of the controlled dichotomy of rebellion and reaction remains, but it is much cleaner and more genteel.  The self deification of brutal martyrdom is exchanged for the voluntary slow death of submission.  Indeed, the New Age has democratized ascension to sainthood.  Overtly less violent, we are invited to rise above political materialism and become docile citizens of The New World Order.  The messy business of bloodletting for the cause of freedom, sovereignty, and nationhood, is being replaced with willing slavery for the global common good.  The Virgin Mary, and the rest of her divine family, is moved aside for Gaia.     

Zeitgeist elitists invite you to become a resurrected and reclothed zombie suitable for compliant service in The New World Order.     

The Troubles:
“Zeitgeist”: World spirit, Spirit of the time.
The Zeitgeist Movement:    

The Cranberries: Zombie    

R3VOLution and the Road Ahead

March 9, 2010 1 comment

The road ahead will be a challenge.

In 2007 the call went out.  Thanks to the Internet many were informed of a radically different presidential candidate aspiring to be elected in 2008.  It was a candidate who spoke directly to fundamental problems that mainstream media and politicians had long ago capitulated to, and in some cases, defended.

Ron Paul, a Republican, no less, offered hope to millions of Americans fed up with meaningless wars, big government disconnect, and shrinking personal wealth.  Beyond slogans of hope and change, the anti-neocon Ron Paul R3VOLution offered answers – restore the Constitution, require our leaders to obey it, prosperity and peace will follow.  Although the GOP establishment, with the help of corporate media, thwarted Dr. Paul’s campaign, the political landscape was changed forever.  A new political paradigm emerged in a big way.                   

Here in Boulder, Colorado, folks of many different stripes responded to that call.  Disgruntled Republicans found themselves shoulder to shoulder with antiwar and 911 Truth activists.  Enthusiastically, we formed a local group, leafleted at local events, and pounded the pavement in our own precincts to get Dr. Paul nominated.  Despite the victory of politics-as-usual, Republicrat, and banker yes man, Obama, we pressed on with Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty working to raise awareness for restoring our constitutional republic and building support for future freedom minded candidacies.                   

Yes, that’s right, here in Boulder.  Official sister city of Lhasa, Tibet, and plenty of Free Tibet bumper stickers on ski rack fitted Subarus to prove it, Boulder is a model community for U.N. Agenda 21 and sanctuary city par excellence.  In hyperdrive to eliminate individual and property rights using the sustainability scam and global warming hoax, Boulder is also a case study in how a select population can be convinced that it is hip, trendy, and progressive, to go along with forced incremental collectivization.  Helping in this dumbing down process are plenty of local reactionary individuals and organizations cloaked in banners of ‘peace and justice’.  Gatekeepers for Left/Right polarization, they are fond of demonizing Tea Partiers as “racists”, and groups, such as the Oath Keepers, as “right-wing terrorists”.   

Curators of the archaic socialist mindset, they cite greedy, polluting, corporations as the cause of all war and suffering.  Willful stooges serving the power elite agenda they call for more laws and more government to rein in the capitalists conveniently forgetting that we are well past the era of robber baron capitalism.  In this stage of financial capitalism banker owned corporations are melding with banker owned governments ensuring a completion of the fascist model of totalitarianism.     

Despite this antithetical sociopolitical setting, the Boulder Campaign for Liberty continues to grow along with other freedom groups throughout the country.  The message of classical liberalism (limited government, individual liberty) as opposed to the collectivist ideology of the modern liberalism of today is compelling and undeniable.  The phony Left is revealed to be as philosophically bankrupt as the phony Right.  While appearing as opposites, modern establishment Liberals are, in reality, the dialectical partners of Neoconservatives in their shared quest for 21st century fascism.         

Starting a freedom group anywhere is easy.  The hard part lies ahead.                      

The Road Ahead                   

Regardless of the turmoil and confusion caused by attacks from the phony Left and Right, the essence of a legitimate patriot, people’s movement remains intact.  The inappropriate appellations of “tea baggers” targeting grassroots tax protesters are now seen as the predictably hollow and nervous squeals of the intellectually frustrated.  The prime time television theatrics of Glenn Beck, and other phony conservative disinfo agents, are now exposed as a not so subtle Neocon co-optation attempt.                   


Going forward, the freedom-liberty movement faces still more challenges.  The greatest challenge yet to come is that the movement still needs to clearly define itself and it’s goals independent from special interests.  Establishment GOP party hacks continue their attempt to co-opt the freedom awakening with a new version of Neocon Lite.  Riding the Ron Paul wave and exploiting anti-IRS, anti – Big Govt sentiment, they vilify Obama’s ‘socialism’.  At the same time, they extol the virtues of the fascist phony War on Terror along with its destruction of the Bill of Rights.  Let’s all work to restore the Republican Party to its original platform of limited government, they say, and, while we’re at it, bomb the hell outta Iran.  After only a year of Bush’s absence, the Neocons truly expect sane and sober folks to fall for this nonsense.                 

Wall Street parasites pose as born again libertarians and join with other useless talking heads on TV financial news shows.  Preaching the wonders of unfettered capitalism they promote a return to the good old days of limited government.  Noticeably, however, limited government and deregulation for you and me is often missing from the sermon.  Their mantra of; capitalism, capitalism, capitalism, by the way, better captures the linguistic flavor for justifying insider trading and monopoly practices.  It is so much more politically correct than the phrase,  free enterprise – a concept inferred from our Constitution, that speaks to the middle class, and reflects our culture of self-determination.                   

It is said, nature abhors a vacuum.  Nature is not picky and anything will do to immediately fill the void.  The same is true for politics.  Running as ‘Independents’ opportunists are scurrying to pander to an electorate fed up with both Democrats and Republicans.  Hitting all the right notes playing to the populist mood of the day, their charisma is sometimes stunning.  When asked the hard questions about 911 Truth, however, they suddenly go gaga-eyed and do a flip-flop routine rivaling that of contestants on So You Think You Can Dance.  Their obsession with winning, sacrificing true personal patriotism, is revealed.              

Learning From Our Adversaries               

Lenin leads the Bolsheviks out of the R.S.D.L.Party

In Marxist lore it is Lenin credited with the understanding that the most intense ideological struggle happens within the revolutionary party, itself.  It is not with the opposing political parties.  He was keenly aware that the Bolsheviks would not be successful unless there was a common consistent ideology enabling the party to act as a unified disciplined machine.  Amid the chaos of a collapsed Russian government, his insight proved to be valid.  Among the many parties vying for control, it was the Bolsheviks who were the best organized and seized state power because of it.  There were no compromises with other socialist factions.  In the years preceding the 1917 Revolution many Communist politicians lost their lives because they did not recant their beliefs.  The Bolsheviks maintained credibility, respect, and allegiance during crisis.  There were no flip-flops.  Say what you will.             

Government provocateurs and bona fide fringe kooks aside, the genuine freedom movement does not include anyone proposing revolutionary violence.  The infowar and ideological struggle, though, is shaping up to be just as intense.  In order to have credibility and to speak with authority, the Freedom movement must stick with Constitutional values without compromise.  It must not play favorites with the Left or Right.  Sarah Palin and Al Gore should be seen for what they are – two careerist politicians serving the same paymaster.  9/11 and all false flag terror must be acknowledged.  All elements of racism and religious bigotry must be expunged.  Wars of aggression can no longer be acceptable under any circumstance.  A consistent anti-New World Order ideology is sorely needed.          

In our high-tech age of instant gratification telling the truth without compromise and risking electoral defeat is a novel idea.  It will, however, prove to be the standard by which true patriots are separated from phony politicians.  A peaceful Second American Revolution will not happen overnight.  It will demand longterm credibility from ideological consistency.  It will demand speaking the truth.  No compromises.  No flip-flops.                

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No Tea Party for Ma Joad

February 9, 2010 2 comments

Actress, Jane Darwell, portraying ‘Ma Joad’, concludes the 1940 film, The Grapes of Wrath, with these words:        

“I ain’t never gonna be scared no more. I was, though. For a while it looked as though we was beat. Good and beat. Looked like we didn’t have nobody in the whole wide world but enemies. Like nobody was friendly no more. Made me feel kinda bad and scared too, like we was lost and nobody cared…. Rich fellas come up and they die, and their kids ain’t no good and they die out, but we keep on coming. We’re the people that live. They can’t wipe us out, they can’t lick us. We’ll go on forever, Pa, cos we’re the people.”       

Yep.  Don’t need to use a bunch of fancy words.  Don’t need to talk good.  You don’t even need to look good.  We, the people, who prefer honest work and yearn for a decent life, intuitively know lies and deceit when we see it.  We know what counts and what don’t.        

Powerful and controversial for its time, The Grapes of Wrath chronicled the plight of the ‘Joad’ family after losing their farm during the 1930’s Great Depression.  Based on John Steinbeck’s novel the film eerily includes scenes and dialog that could be lifted straight out of today’s news.  Indeed, Ma Joad’s affirmation could be the rallying cry for many oppressed by present-day Big Govt/corporate tyranny.       

This past week the first national Tea Party convention was held in Nashville, TN.  Attendees paid $500 a plate and listened to featured speaker, Neocon celebrity, Sarah Palin.  For those that remember, however, the Tea Party movement had a very different origin.  It was started a few years ago by everyday folks tired of corporate manipulated, government intrusion in their lives.  Sounding the alarm of the incremental fascism of Bush (and now, Obama) they called for a return to the Constitution and the freedoms promised in it.  

You Can’t Fool the People 

On the grassroots level, supporters understood the fraud of a two-party (duopoly) dictatorship.  They understood that Republicans and Democrats are really separate arms on the same beast.  The ‘beast’, of course, being the banking cartel that profits from government and social debt, i.e., big war/big welfare government spending.  Many were anti-war, outside-the-box, Ron Paul supporters.  Obviously, things have radically changed.       

Hey pardner, what's the fastest way outta Nashville?

It’s popularity spreading like wildfire, the Tea Party movement became a target for co-optation by the Republican Neocon establishment.  With plenty of propaganda help from CNN and Fox News the Tea Party was converted from a genuine people’s movement into another Republican Party tool to bash Democrats and their big spender, big welfare, policies.  With the Tea Party effectively subverted, the power elite thinks the phony theatrics of GOP – Democrat partisanship can comfortably continue.  Like putting lipstick on a pig, the GOP hopes the Tea Party motif will mask its own big spender, big war, policies.      

Exploiting the Tea Party sentiment sweeping the country the GOP has found a slew of candidates well versed in the lingo of liberty.  Party hacks including stock brokers, lawyers, and other social parasites, are wrapping themselves in “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and expect votes from the poor and disenfranchised middle class.  Forgotten, however, are Ron Paul’s constitutional principles of ending the phony War on Terror and the corrupt Federal Reserve.  His very own Campaign for Liberty is under assault from insider party hacks.  Here in Colorado the organization’s name was recently linked to the U.S. Senatorial candidacy of military interventionist, Ken Buck.  The big lie of 9/11 as justification for endless war persists.   

In the GOP lexicon “fiscal conservatism” now means taking money out of social services and putting it into the military and Homeland Security.  Either way, the banker agenda of socialized debt/private profit will be served.       

On both the Left and Right financial parasites clamor for votes and a chance to serve the banker elite.  Their attempts to manipulate the masses, divide and conquer, however, will only see limited success.  Disillusionment from losing the Tea Party as our voice will be shortlived.  We remember.  We know:  They can’t wipe us out, they can’t lick us. We’ll go on forever, cos we’re the people.       

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The New Harmony of Zeitgeist

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Robert Owen’s envisioned New Harmony

“Dialectical Materialism is the philosophy of Karl Marx which he formulated by taking the dialectic of Hegel and joining it to the Materialism of Feuerbach, extracting from it a concept of progress in terms of the contradictory, interacting forces called the thesis and antithesis, culminating at a critical nodal point where one overthrows the other, giving rise to the synthesis, and applying it to the history of social development and deriving therefrom an essentially revolutionary concept of social change.”*     

and Utopian Socialism

In the Marxian school of thought all socialism not based on dialectical materialism falls within the category of utopian socialism.  Referring to their political aims as, scientific socialism, Marxists believe in the inevitable collapse of capitalism and its replacement by socialism due to the inherent flaws (antitheses) within free market socio-economies.  It is ‘scientific’ because it is claimed it is a predictable, foreseen, and natural outcome – it has the color of science.  Despite Marxism-Leninism, and its theoretical addition of the necessity of human action in the form of revolutionary parties to nursemaid the process, Marxists believe that history’s inexorable march to a socialist future is beyond and outside of human aims and desires.  ‘Social developement’, itself, has a chemical evolutionary life of its own.      

Utopian socialism, however, openly starts with human desires regardless of objective reality.  Essentially idealist, utopian socialism is identified by an attempt to impose a subjective ideal on outside reality.  It begins with a personal value system and ends with a codified society reflecting the way things should be.  In varying degrees of collectivization, ‘intentional communities’, communes, and Robert Owen’s 19th century utopian experiment in New Harmony, Indiana, are examples.  Because it is the product of subjective will, it is necessarily a top-down authoritarian system, as well.  Although some communities have thrived based on voluntary association, its members must be of like-mind.  For those not in the mind-hive it follows that conformity must be enforced.      

In our global village of today ‘revolutionry socialism’ is becoming passe’.  No longer necessary as the antithesis to free market systems and ideology, it has served its purpose.  Laissez-faire socio-economies have been synthesized into mixed economies – a form of state/corporate partnerships reflecting a maturation of the fascist model and agenda.  Much of the population is  comfortably acclimated to life regulated by faceless bureaucrats.  A new breed of collectivist propagandists, serving the globalist agenda, are now rushing in to complete the Orwellian dream.  Gaia utopianism is one such offering.  One such organizational vehicle for this is ‘The Zeitgeist Movement’.     

Eco-totalitarianism with hugs all around.

In 2007 this movement introduced itself with a well-researched, megapopular film, Zeitgeist, The Movie.  Exposing the 911 terrorist attack as a false flag event and uncovering the fraud of the Federal Reserve banking system were masterfully brought to millions of viewers.  Interestingly, the film also includes a scathing attack on Christianity declaring it a primitive, patriarchal, and violent false religion.  It concludes with a sales pitch for a global Gaia-esque type of spirituality.  The message is clear.  The old order must be torn down along with its corrupted ideology and religion before we are to embrace Earth as the new god and live happily ever after in an eco-utopia.     

Today, the leaders of the Zeitgeist Movement are busy designing models for a cybernated technocracy to run the world with a “resource based economy”.  They call it, “The Venus Project”.  From the Zeitgeist website:     

An important association, upon which many of the ideas of this movement are derived come from an organization called ” The Venus Project” directed by social engineer and industrial designer, Jacque Fresco. He has worked nearly his entire life to create the tools needed to assist a design of the world which could eventually eradicate war, poverty, crime, social stratification and corruption.     

Implied is a global control grid run by computers overseen by a few geeks who have read Plato and Marx.  Supposedly, this will appeal to the masses that are fed up with war and poverty.     

Merriam-Webster defines ‘Zeitgeist’ as: “the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era”.  As a philosophical concept it first gained currency in 18th century German Romanticism.  Roughly translated as ‘spirit of the time’, Zeitgeist, is also connected to the ‘collective unconscious’ and was considered an element of Volk.  Promoted by German nationalists of the time, ‘Volk’ (folk) was a call for a classless, yet hierarchical, system of nationhood.  As a side note, the occultism, eco-paganism, and Aryan nationalism, of Volk heavily influenced the German Nazi Party that later appeared.         

Of course, in this virtual classless society, a hierarchy of intellectuals are needed for administration.  But first the masses need to be won over to this scheme using effective propaganda.  As one German patriot* of that time boasted:  “A poet is the creator of the nation around him, he gives them a world to see and has their souls in his hand to lead them to that world.”     

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