About This Blog

Freedom: Keep it simple.

My experience within the 911 Truth and freedom movements has revealed a wide disparity of motives and agendas within each of them.  The purpose of this blog is to examine the popular Left/Right paradigm and how it falls short in providing a practical framework to define the politics and power relations of The New World Order.  The emerging ideology of the 911 Truth / Freedom movement demands a paradigm shift.  A shift of perspective that enables greater focus, solidarity, and ideological coherency, to deter co-optation and sabotage from the ruling elite.

IDEOLOGY:  Comprehensive vision.  World view.  A set of beliefs, ideas, and values that determine a political perspective.

The choice is not really between capitalism and socialism.  It is solely between tyranny and freedom.  When the people have freedom, the economics thing will take care of itself.  Boulder, CO, USA

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