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“Everyone has credentials here!”

One of my favorite films is Reds, starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, and a host of other big name stars.  Since my awakening to the phony Left/Right paradigm, I no longer subscribe to its political message, but I still find it to be good story and ‘instructional’, as well.

In this clip from the 1981 film, John Reed (portrayed by Warren Beatty), is an American journalist and communist that finds himself swept up in the October 1917 Revolution.  When urged by a comrade to speak at a worker’s rally, he balks.  Feeling somewhat as an outsider, he replies, “But I have no credentials to speak here.”  His Russian friend disagrees…

Warning: Adult scenes

An important lesson is given here.  Your authority to act is not dependent upon credentials.  No diplomas or certificates are required.  Your authority to act is not contingent upon approval from others, or their permission.  You make your own ‘credentials’ when you decide to translate your desire into action.  John Reed’s credentials were earned, as the old saying goes, when he suited up and showed up.

Brick by brick, the foundation for the New World Order has been laid for the past several hundred years.  The international financial elite will soon attempt to place the capstone of open “global governance” atop their pyramidical control grid.  Our work to destroy the New World Order must go further than to temporarily thwart their planners and architects.  We must smash the foundation as well as the superstructure.

The foundation that supports the New World Order is composed of the masses – you and me.  Like it, or not, we are the supporting foundation, not only in the economic terms of financial feudalism, but in psycho-spiritual terms as well.  We have allowed the elite to construct walls in our minds.  Walls that keep us in a psychic comfort zone of complacent acceptance of our own victimization.  Our complacency, fear, and ignorance, are the source of their power.  Tear down these walls.

We do not need permission.  We owe no explanation.

Rights are not given.  They are taken.” Ayn Rand


John Reed, author of Ten Days that Shook the World, a book that today remains the standard firsthand account of the Russian Revolution, is buried in Moscow.  If you’re interested in early 20th century political history, the film is well worth the time.  And it’s entertaining too.
More info on Reds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reds_(film)

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