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Phony Conservatives and Sabotage

In the course of a few years we have witnessed a phenomenal growth of patriot sentiment.  Americans are reacting against ever increasing Big Government intrusiveness, and Big Brother control over their lives, more so now than in recent memory.  Motivated by mounting economic pressure, the present day is marked by self-actualizing activism independent from the phony leadership of establishment Republicans and Democrats.  The veil is lifting exposing a monolithic government with the sole agenda of serving the globalist financial elite.  The theatrics of warring Left/Right factions in Congress, served up by mainstream media, is quickly losing credibility.

"Trust me, war is peace, blah, blah, blah.

"Trust me, I'm just like you, blah, blah, blah."

 If You Can’t Crush the Opposition.., Lead it.

Anticipating that the cat is out of the bag, the Feds are moving to head off discontent and rebellion before the imminent economic collapse.  Reports of FEMA camps and a Northcom troop buildup abound.  In the meantime, the corporatist propaganda machine has cleverly adapted to the current situation and is spinning a new web of deceit.  Sensing that full martial law and complete destruction of freedom is momentarily premature, they are employing mass media mind control to neutralize the opposition.  The globalist aligned Right, i.e., Neocon talking heads, are now donning patriot personas and attempting to convince us that their Obama bashing is all about defending Constitutional freedoms.  Nevermind that a few months ago they were praising G.W. Bush for virtually the same economic and police state programs.  

The Role of Fox News

While CNN’s main job is to craft the reality the elite want you to live in, Fox has always gone a step further to editorialize that reality attempting to elicit certain behaviors and attitudes.  Fox’s latest creation of Glenn Beck and the 9.12 Group serve as a prime example of social engineering using one of the oldest stratagems in the book. 


The ruling elite…  find ways to explicitly link self-interests of the opposition, [or subsets therein], to its goals…  implie[d] is not dealing stakeholders out of the game but dealing them new cards transforming opponents into supporters.*

The following excerpts from an October 10 article at Infowars.com  describe Beck and 9.12 well: 

Glenn Beck’s 9-12 Project is a deliberate attempt to undercut the Tea Party and patriot movements.

Earlier this year, Amy Kremer, Tea Party Patriots’ National Coordinator, said the movement was being hijacked by establishment Republicans. “We do not want it to be a GOP movement,” she told Newsmax

The stated purpose of Beck’s movement is to get America where it was on September 12, 2001, which is interesting considering Beck’s animosity toward the 9/11 truth movement and  in particular the families of 9/11 victims.**

  It’s about hijacking and taming the Tax Day Tea Party protests, the Independence Day Tea Party protests, and the September 12, 2009, Taxpayer March on Washington. Beck has an established track record of sabotaging the patriot movement. More than any other corporate media figure, he was responsible in wrecking the presidential campaign of Ron Paul. He characterized Paul’s supporters as dangerous terrorists and repeatedly called Paul a kook.

Few seem to see the absurdity of a corporate media television show host claiming to be the leader of a grassroots political movement. Fox News is owned by corporate media tycoon and neocon Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch and Glenn Beck do not support the patriot movement. Beck’s role is to capture as much of the movement as possible and turn it into a harmless sideshow. The 9-12 movement, regardless of the number of sincere Americans who support it, is another attempt by the establishment to continue and magnify the false right-left paradigm and steer meaningful political change down a dead-end that renders if ineffective.

The Fox social engineers are validating frustrations and anger held by ‘middle America’ and channeling those emotions back into the misguided nationalism of the Bush years.  Notice that their prowar hype and constant fear mongering of Jihadist terrorism continues.  The bankster elite care little for what attitudes prevail among the masses.  As long as they can maintain a war economy, a handy pretext for limiting freedoms and financial enslavement will exist.  

Using the power of mass media Neocons are effectively insinuating themselves into leadership positions of the Tea Party movement.  Today, more than ever, it is imperative that this genuine ‘people’s’ movement be rescued from co-optation.  9/11 Truth activists must overcome their own Left/Right biases and work with these folks to keep them on track against the New World Order and all of its schemes.      

*The Politics of Co-optation:
Graziella Bertocchi and Michael Spagat
Journal of Comparative Economics
Vol. 29, Issue 4, Dec 2001

**Parenthetically, I think the author misses the point about Beck and 9/11.  Beck has no interest in 9/11 Truth.  His interest is recapturing the prowar/jingoist fervor that 9/11 incited.

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