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The Big Lie 201


Everything you need to know, Comrade!

In The Big Lie 101 (below) I reviewed how the Left/Right political spectrum was altered and then later presented to students by Marxist academia.  Rather than to leave anyone with the impression that this change was arbitrary and without any sort of logic, I think it’s appropriate to examine further the reasoning behind this change.

All generally agree that at the left end of the spectrum, “The Group”, denotes collectivism, egalitarianism, and so forth.  The connotation is that the activity of the individual is subordinated to the collective will of the given group.  Likewise, at the right end of the spectrum is “The Individual” which connotes complete freedom of the individual regardless of the will of others.

As stated earlier, Marxists hold that fascism should be to the far right believing that it represents an extreme form of individualism.  Then the question is, how can Marxists rationalize fascism, a form of forced collectivism, as extreme individualism?

20732238The Great Divide: Idealism and Materialism

Marxism teaches that all of philosophy, by varying degrees, can be divided into two realms; Idealism and Materialism.  Idealism starts with the apriori value that all matter is preceded by consciousness.  For example, metaphysical concepts, as well as established religions that teach that the The Idea (God, etc.) created all matter, fall within the Idealist school of thought.  All matter is subject to mind.  Opposite of this is Materialism which starts with the supposition that all consciousness is preceded by matter.  An example would be Marxism and it’s philosophical cousins, Darwinism and atheism.  From inanimate primordial soup we evolved to author consciousness.  Matter exists without mind, but mind cannot exist without matter.

For those using Marxian reasoning then, it follows that the material productive forces, the economic structure, and the level of technology, etc., of any given society at any given stage of developement, give rise to the superstructure of the political, intellectual, and spiritual domain.  It is not thoughts and ideas that beget our being.  It is our being, our means of subsistence, that determine our consciousness.

To the Marxian Left, this represents a philosophical foundation of their version of the Left/Right paradigm.  “Good socialism”, to the left of the spectrum, is political activity that leads to communism.  It is activity in tune with mind-independent, objective historical forces that enable the inevitable destruction of capitalism and ushers in the next epoch of human developement.  “Bad socialism”, i.e., fascism, begins with the personal will and subjective view of an individual, or a small group of individuals, imposing their consciousness against objective reality.


Ludwig von Mises

The Marxian Left regard their ‘socialism’ as a necessary interim stage on the way to a loving and wonderful utopia.  The workers and poor will seize control of the means of production, create a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, and oversee an orderly transition into full communism.  Whether incremental or revolutionary, socialist change is the ‘natural’ thing to do.

This nice and tidy rationale, however, glosses over a glaring contradiction.  Labeling it as an “absurd fable”, Ludwig von Mises*, points out that, “the historical role of the egalitarian creed [materialist conception of socio-economic reality] was to disguise the most abject forms of despotism.”  Further, he suggests there is nothing in nature justifying totalitarianism.  Political tyranny flows from the human mind.  It reflects human aims and goals.  Masquerading as empirical science, Marxism is essentially a metaphysical ideology employed by the few to subjectively rule the many.   Indeed, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, gave life to the theoretical slogan, ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, with atrocities previously unknown to man.

Communist and fascist ideologies are two sides of the same coin.  Heads or tails, the power elite uses them to hoodwink the masses into accepting one form of slavery, or another.  The true Left/Right spectrum runs from absolute tyranny to absolute freedom.

* http://mises.org/about/3248
Sources: Theory and History, Mises, 1957, Yale, U.S.
Dialectical Materialism, Edgley, Marxian Economics, 1990, U.K.

  1. October 6, 2009 at 12:58

    It appears that capitalism, socialism, communism and fascism are all default structures that disregard true human needs and the evolution of humanity. We have yet to create a polis-structure that ennobles and enables the human condition. Until the individual is encouraged to rise to their full sovereign power our civilizations will tend to degenerate the humanizing principle. Thus the structure of society we live in will tend to be adverse to our highest well-being…therefore we will have to fight our own tendencies to comply to self-diminishment and fight the existing sociosphere in order to BE all that we are.

    • Codependent Institutions—Codependency IS the lack of sovereignty. In pyramid systems we give up our rights and self-respect to cater to a preexisting hierarchy of dominance. Silence, or the inhibition of the expression of truth maintains the status quo of these systems of exploitation. All pyramid systems maintain themselves through conscious and unconscious means of suppression and favorism. Thus most religious training is about the loss of individualism in the service of the head honcho or the power and position of the church (or State). Evolution is about the development of the sovereign individual, while the traditions of codependency are holding the species back in infantilism and preventing the expression of the extreme pain that the loss of soul-freedom causes.

  2. RogCat
    October 8, 2009 at 23:05

    This is quite a bit out of my field, but it seems to me that Religion is a form of collective government – – – maybe even can be called, fascism. We are asked to accept ONE leader and follow rules that are for the good of everyone. Our saving grace is that our ONE leader has the love of everyone of us in his heart and in his decisions. As I see it, a PURE LEADER is what separates human government from heavenly government. Humans will NEVER find a pure HUMAN leader.

    • Annette
      January 9, 2010 at 15:22

      Now that was a very smart comment about the human condition , Jana. Its simply is not a simple solution. As you say it actually is about personal evolution, rather than looking to a State or leader to save us from ourselves. Relgion being a good training ground for that. But believing in a higher evolution of soul who has come to give LOVE , thus they say salvation, which goes together, is acceptable and that kind of co dependance may not be the debilitating kind. As LOVE is growth and power.
      Belief in ones own greatness , as seen in the aryan race propaganda used by the Nazis and Im a true Blue Greenie as used by certain people within the green movement ..can lead to the bad results as desired by the underlaying forces behind human manipulation.
      We have always the choice here , which path will I take. What result am I desiring. Thats the hard part. To have a evoled intelligences enough to figure the path that will lead to your own evolution as well as all others .

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