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The Big Lie 101

A Look at the Left/Right Spectrum.

B812Fascism is recognized as a variation of other forms of collectivization, all being a part of the Left, as opposed to individualism.  It was not until the “Red Decade” of the [19]30’s, and the appearance of Hitler, that the Leftist intellectuals and the media began to switch Fascism on the political spectrum to the Right so that the “good forms of collectivization,” such as socialism, could oppose the “extremism of the Right” which they said was Fascism.

The founder of fascism [Mussolini] clearly realized that all of these collectivist ideas, i.e., socialism, fascism, and communism, belonged on the Left and were all opposed to individualism.  Fascism is not an extreme form of individualism and is a part of the Left, or collectivism.

So writes John V. Denson in his book, A Century of War, Ludwig von Mises Institute.  Denson begins with this observation and then describes how classical liberalism, which our country was founded on, has been replaced with de facto top-down collectivism leading us to the Big War/Big Welfare national government we have today.  From Lincoln and the Civil War to Roosevelt and WW2, Denson uncovers a long pattern of false flag events and machinations designed to abrogate to the executive branch more power, weaken our Constitution, and consolidate the ascendancy of the financial elite.

Denson, however, leaves out what I think is an important part of the big picture equation.  To be fair, though, it is not really within the purview of his book.  The pattern he reveals does not fully explain how, and why, the American people have gone along for the ride.  Public education has played a massive role in preparing each generation to accept the incremental loss of our freedoms – our historical birthright.


While attending a state university in the 70’s I recall the beginnings of my personal indoctrination into Doublethink.   As a young freshman straight off the farm, eager to have my mind molded by the priesthood of State Authorized Knowledge, I enrolled in Political Science 101.

The professor, a devout Marxist, began with a diagram of the Left/Right spectrum.  Drawing a horizontal line on the blackboard he placed the words, “The Individual” on the extreme right end of the line and on the extreme left end he placed “The Group”.

“It’s a question of values,” he said.  “If you regard the needs of the group more important than the needs of the individual, you are a Leftist.”  He went on, “if you regard the needs of the individual as the most important, you are a Rightist.”  “Communists are to the left,” he intoned.  “Fascists are to the right.”

Being your everyday, normal, self-absorbed, egotistical, teenager, desperately wanting to fit in, I wisely decided to be a Leftist.  “Who wants to be a selfish jerk?”, I reasoned.   From then on, for many years, “Rightwing Fascist” was a handy epithet I used to describe greedy capitalists and all others who believed that the Individual mattered. 

The world was much simpler back then.

For more information on A Century of War and John V. Denson:

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